Mayank Gupta (owner of U38 PG)-Refund of Security money by Hostel PG

15000 2021/07/08 16:52 Fraud/cheating
Delhi, Lakshminagar, Shakarpur, U38boys PG

This complaint is against Mr Mayank Gupta who is running a Boys PG named U38 boys hostel at Lakshmi Nagar, Shakarpur. My son was staying in his PG with security deposit of Rs 13000. But due to his cancel of Board exams he left the PG. The owner promised to return back the Security money very soon. But after three months also he is not returned the amount and said whatever you do I am not going to refund any amount.

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Roshan Lal Sahani
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Investment Amount : ₹ 15000
Refund Amount : ₹ 15000